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At the inception of Kogi State in 1991, there was so much hope in the hearts of our people, as they contemplated the enormous benefits inherent in having a state of their own. Perceptive minds of the Kogi State movement had postulate that given its strategic geographical location in the Nigerian federation, its spectacular and peculiar landscape, its natural resources, the ebullience and intellectual power of her people, that Kogi State would rise to even rival the glory and achievements of Lagos, a state similar in several ways and reckoned as one Nigeria’s leading state in terms of internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and economic prosperity.

But twenty eight years down the line, the “Kogi Project” seem like a Pipe dream. While Lagos State in 2018 attained a benchmark of 34 billion naira monthly IGR, Kogi State just reached 1 billion as its monthly IGR. While her sister states of the same state creation exercise of August 1991, like Abia, Anambra, Enugu,Edo and Delta State superseding it in IGR.

Which has made many of her leading sons believe that more can and should be done. That Kogi State seems to have abandoned the blueprint and conceptions of it’s founding fathers. Thus Vision New Kogi emerged to set the right agenda for a new Kogi State. To move Kogi State from perception and assumptions to realities. To awaken civic consciousness and the responsibility that comes with it. To strive through the highest values to make Kogi State a new center of unity and commerce, a new center of anything positive, devoid of fear, distrust and non chalance. A state where even the unborn child has a stake, and every citizen the heir to certain inalienable rights. This can only be achieved if the leaders or the elites of the state share in a common conviction. Nothing is impossible, if there is a will, there is always a way.


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